Remote / On-site Computer Support,
Wireless, Security, Video, Audio, 
Graphics, Image Production and more.
Jose Melendez, Consultant
DeLand, FL (386) 868-1001  
Washington, DC (202) 642-6571

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Computer support and security

Photography and videography

E-commerce and social networking

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I’ve been shooting pictures since I was about 5 years old. I’ve shot horse shows, real estate, aerial and underwater photography, skydiving, insurance documentation, industrial, live events, security, music, news, weddings, and much more.
Call (386) 868-1001 to retain me for your event or project.

Here are a few pictures I’ve collected over the years

Snapshot Gallery

I started my photography career with a Kodak 126 Mick A Matic Mickey Mouse Camera and never stopped. Today, you can retain my services for digital and film photography or movie work and I’m glad to work within your budget to help you produce images that give life to your ideas and events. I live in DeLand but also enjoy working in DC, New England, New York and elsewhere.

Yes, I’ll still shoot film!

Occassionally I work with color and black and white film stock, just ask!

Hiring Air Jose