Remote / On-site Computer Support,
Wireless, Security, Video, Audio, 
Graphics, Image Production and more.
Jose Melendez, Consultant
DeLand, FL (386) 868-1001  
Washington, DC (202) 642-6571

Computer support and security

Photography and videography

E-commerce and social networking

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If you need remote support or on-site software and hardware solutions, Jose Melendez is your go-to tech consultant.

Windows, Mac and Linux platforms configured and supported. Malware, root kit, trojan and spyware removal.

From wireless hot spots and kiosks to live streaming and security systems, your opportunities to network, sell and get immediate feedback or data are virtually unlimited.  
Call (386) 868-1001 to arrange for a consultation.

We’ll help you merge conventional advertising methods with cutting edge tools. With innovative, low budget techniques you’ll get search engine results customized to your needs and business plans.

Computer Support

Wireless & Video

Advertising & Promotion

Photography, Print and Search

Laptops, Tablets, Phones, Cameras

Backups, Optimization, Virus Removal

While the world wide web seems vast, search engines and social networks can bring your company or project directly to your clients.

The best part? You get more control than ever over your message, and changes can be made quickly to adjust to shifting consumer demand and public opinion. If you’ve decided to promote your products or services on the internet, we’ll help you make use of the many available low cost or free tools.  

Whether you want more control over your business image, sell online or just get your contact information in front of potential customers, there are several ways you can take advantage of today’s technology. Call us at (386) 868-1001 to bring your ideas to life.

Are you and your business online? What now?

Good News: Local is World Wide

Short videos, slideshows and text are simple to produce - and produce results!

Since Google bought Youtube, the search engine results of uploading your own multi- media programming can be astonishing.

July 27, 2012

Youtube is Google

Communicate your message without compromising your image.